Object Lessons + Skits

Object lessons  & Skits

Object lessons and skits are a great way to grab your children’s attention and visually demonstrate a complicated concept using everyday items.  Children can often recreate these scenarios at home to teach and tell others about Jesus. Check out our tried and tested object lessons and skits.

Demonstration Videos

Be prepared

Being a witness
(Pie in the face)

Follow the plan
(Elephant toothpaste)

God’s Grace
(Water refraction)

God keeps his promises

Holy Spirit


I am God’s Masterpiece

Let Jesus hold you up

Nothing is impossible for God

Reflecting Jesus (Mirror)

Salvation (Colour Bags)

Salvation (Tea bag)

Tell others the Good News

Trust the impossible

More Object Lessons and Skits

Body of Christ

Created for a purpose

Fishers of Men

How do you get to heaven

Jesus is the greatest

The Good Shepherd

The True You

Who is the greatest lifesaver

You have been called by God

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