Get Inspired


Need a lesson, craft, skit, game or object lesson to keep in your back pocket. Here are some tried and trusted ideas to inspire you.


Having leaders acting out situations and stories immediately gets children engaged with the content. Children love seeing adults being silly so encourage your leaders to use props and costumes to get into character and really have some fun! Preparation is essential! Here are some skits to get you started.

object lessons

Object lessons are a great way grab you children’s attention and visually demonstrate a complicated concept using everyday items. Often children can recreate object lessons at home to teach and tell others about Jesus. Check out our tried and tested object lessons.


Everyone loves to play games! When well organized, with clear and simple rules, games can be a wonderful team building tool where kids can learn about each other and the Word. Here are some well-known games that we have adapted to use as a teaching tool.

ice breakers

Getting to know your children and having them feel part of the family is important. Here are some ice breakers designed to do just that. 


Cutting, painting, gluing and glitter! Children love to have something to show parents at the end of Children’s Church. We encourage children to use their finished crafts to tell others about Jesus. Here are some of our favourites.

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