Ready Set Go

Ready Set Go

The Israelites’ journey through the dessert was a long one, but there were lessons we can learn along the way. Our faithful and loving Father guided them and provided for them, even when they made mistakes. So, pack your things and let’s go!

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Lesson 1: God keeps His promises
(Romans 4:21)

God made promises to Abraham, God has made promises to us. Did God keep His promises to Abraham? Yes! And God keeps His promises to us!

Lesson 2: God has a plan
(Jeremiah 29:11)

Nothing can ever stop the plans God makes. God had a plan for Moses to free God’s chosen people from the evil Pharaoh. God has a plan for each of our lives too.

Lesson 3: Know that I am God
(Psalm 46:10)

God sent ten plagues to Egypt to show Pharaoh that He is the one and only God with power over everything, but each time Pharaoh ignores the warning.

Lesson 4: Passover
(John 1:29)

The 10th plague is the final warning to Pharaoh to let God’s people go. Protection from the angel of death is the lamb’s blood over the doorposts, a prophecy for the protection we have today, the blood of Jesus. 

Lesson 5: Crossing the Red Sea
(Acts 1:8)

With God’s help, Moses leads the Israelite people to freedom and the Egyptian army land up under the sea. Just like the Israelite people were cut off from their old life in slavery, water baptism is our new beginning in our walk with Jesus. The Holy Spirit is what fills us with the power to do what God has planned for our lives.

Lesson 6: Community
(Psalm 68:6)

Moses led God’s people and made them a community. The church is like a big family with Jesus as the head. Together we are stronger and so we must each play our part. 

Lesson 7: Mount Sinai – God commands
(James 1:22)

The Bible is God’s instruction to us, God knows what is best for us. But what happens when we hear God’s instructions and don’t do as God has instructed us? The Israelite people learn what happens when we ignore God’s instruction.

Lesson 8: Wandering in the desert
(Philippians 2:14)

Even though God provided everything the Israelite people needed, they constantly grumbled and complained. When we forget what Jesus has done for us and complain about things, we cannot move forward in our spiritual growth. 

Lesson 9: Crossing the Jordan
(1 Peter 2:9)

God chose specific people to be His priests in the Old Testament. They were the ones chosen to tell and teach people about God. When we believe in Jesus, we become God’s priests and it is our duty to tell others about all the wonderful things Jesus has done!

Lesson 10: Entering Promised Land
(Psalm 31:14)

God is always with us. We need to focus on Him and not on what is going on around us. With God by our side, nothing is impossible! Ten of the 12 spies focused on the scary giants, but Joshua and Caleb focused on the fruit, milk and honey! Joshua and Caleb knew that God had set this land aside for them no matter how big the giants were.


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