Inside Out: Life lessons from the book of James

Inside Out

Life lessons from the book of James

God inspired James to write a letter to the Jewish believers and in just 5 short chapters God reminds us that we what believe on the inside needs to be shown in our actions on the outside too.

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Lesson 1: Introduction to the Book of James
(James 1:1)

On the inside I believe in Jesus – On the outside I will show this in my life


Lesson 2: Wisdom and joy when troubles come
(James 1:2-8)

James tells us that when tough times come we should consider it an opportunity to show the joy we have. Paul and Silas experience and earth-shaking experience in prison! On the inside God gives us wisdom and grows our faith – On the outside we have joy in tough times as we trust in God alone.


Lesson 3: Hearing and doing the Word
(James 1:19-27; 2:1-13)

Can you imagine looking in the mirror and forgetting what you look like? James tells us how important it is to not only know what the Word says but to actually do it! On the inside God plants His Word in our hearts – On the outside we do what the Bible says.


Lesson 4: Faith and good deeds
(James 2:14-26)

Just like a knife and fork go together, so do faith and good deeds. You cannot have one without the other. James even compared it to a body without breath! Abraham and Rahab were two very different people yet they both showed their faith in God by doing good deeds. On the inside we have God’s gift of forgiveness and faith in God – On the outside we do good deeds to please God and Help others. 


Lesson 5: The power of the tongue
(James 3:1-12)

Some things just do not go together! Chocolate spread and pickles? No ways! James tells us that our tongues are a powerful tool that needs to be controlled. And that blessing and cursing cannot come from the same mouth. Joshua and Caleb spoke words of faith and trust and were the only ones to enter the Promised Land. On the inside we have God’s Word and the Holy Spirit helping us – On the outside we praise God and do not curse others.


Lesson 6: Be wise and follow God’s ways
(James 1:5; 3:13-18)

Can you twist your tongue or touch your hands behind your back? Well then prove it! If we have God’s wisdom, we should prove it by living lives that honour God. God’s wisdom is what is right in God’s eyes! Solomon asked God for wisdom and God gave it to him. If we ask God for wisdom, the Bible says He will give it to us. On the inside God gives us His wisdom to do things His way – On the outside we prove it by living honourable lives that please Him.


Lesson 7: Worldliness and Godliness
(James 4:1-17; 5:1-6)

God’s ways and the world’s ways are not the same. God allows us to choose how we live. The Holy Spirit who lives in us and God’s Word help us to know what will be pleasing to God and live like that. On the inside we accept and believe in Jesus and are filled with His Holy Spirit – On the outside we spend time with God and our actions show we are His.


Lesson 8: Patience while we wait
(James 5:7-11)

Just as the farmer waits patiently after he has planted the seeds, through all kinds of suffering, he waits because he knows the harvest is going to come. God blesses Job for being patient even though he was suffering, for trusting God instead of sinning against Him, for praying for his friends instead of cursing them. On the inside we know that Jesus will return, and that God is always in control – On the outside we patiently wait for God to do things His way and in His timing.


Lesson 9: Pray in faith
(James 5:13-18)

With just a small cloud in the sky Elijah trusted God so much that he told Ahab that the rain was coming. His story encourages us to pray in all situations, no matter how we might be feeling. On the inside we know and have faith in God – On the outside we pray in faith in all situations.


Lesson 10: Showing the inside out

God inspired James to write this letter to the believers to encourage us to live lives that reflect our love for God and His people. On the inside I believe in Jesus – On the outside I will show this in my life.


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