Wow! How great is our God

Wow! How great is our God

“Who is God?” He is so many things and a perfection of each of them. In this series we will take a closer look at just some of the attributes of God that shows that He really is like none other and He is the only one that deserves our worship.

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Lesson 1: God is the Creator
(Psalm 95:6)

When you look a little closer you will see just how great our God, the Creator is. Come, let’s worship God our Creator.


Lesson 2: God hates sin
(Psalm 97:10)

We know that God is the God of love but there is one thing He hates. God hates sin!. Sin is anything that goes against what God says is right. God hates sin because it separates us from Him and He loves us! So God sent Jesus to take away the sins of the world so that we could be united with Him again.


Lesson 3: God is eternal
(Revelation 22:13) 

Time is something we talk about everyday but the idea of eternity, or forever, is hard for us to understand. God has always been alive and will always be alive. Jesus gives us eternal life with God. Wow! How great is God now and how great is God forever.    


Lesson 4: God is a Just Judge
(Psalm 9:8)

The Bible says that God is the perfect judge and will judge with fairness. Did you know that there was only one person ever who was judged but who could not be found guilty of any sin? Yes, Jesus and yet He took on the punishment of all people and died in our place. 


Lesson 5: God is Love
(1 John 4:16)

The love God has does not depend on what we do or how we look. God loves us no matter what. And He loves perfectly love is not what He does, it is who He is. If we are to love, then we need to love like God.


Lesson 6: God is all powerful
(Psalm 139:6)

God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent but what does that all mean? When we know that God knows everything, is everywhere and is all powerful should make us go “Wow! How great is our God!”


Lesson 7: God is our shield
(Psalm 5:12)

The Bible tells us that God is our shield. Whether you struggle with fear, worry about a test, bad dreams, sadness, big things or small, God is your shield. He will guard you, protect you and help you. 


Lesson 8: God is our Redeemer
(Ephesians 1:7)

A redeemer is someone who pays the cost so you can get back what you lost. God gave His Son to pay the cost of our sins so we can have life with Him forever. 


Lesson 9: God is our Provider and Guide
(John 3:16)

God was provider and guide to the Israelites and He is provider and guide to us too. God gave us Jesus, the Bible and the Holy Spirit. Now we have everything we need.


Lesson 10: God is Worthy of Worship WOW
(Psalm 145:3)

God is bigger than anything we can imagine and in every way He is WOW! Everything about God, who He is and what He has done, deserves worship. Our lives are lived to worship Him because He deserves it.


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