Crafts – Spinner Wheels and Dice

Spinner Wheels

Spinning Wheel (Blank) smaller
Blank Template
(Spinner Wheel)
Spinning wheel (Jesus has power over everything) smaller
Jesus has power over all
(Spinner Wheel)
Spinning Wheel (Jesus is I AM) smaller
Jesus is I AM
(Spinner Wheel)
Spinning Wheel (Love is) smaller
Love is...
(Spinner Wheel)
smaller craft jpeg
Paul and Silas Story
(Spinner Wheel)
Gods names spinner wheel cover
Remember who God is...(Spinner Wheel)
smaller craft jpeg
Tough times come
(Spinner Wheel)


Dice (Creation)smaller
Dice (Be thankful) smaller
Be Thankful (Colour)
Dice - Thankful Game smaller
Be Thankful (Game)
Dice (Plagues) smaller
Plagues of Egypt
Dice made in Your image
Made in God's image (Dice)
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