At Cornerstone Kids we believe that no one is too young to hear and engage with the word of God. We just have more fun doing that! Our aim is to partner with families on their children’s journey through life as a Christian while providing a safe and fun environment in which to do that. Although your child is well taken care of, babysitting is not our focus.

We happily welcome all children from age 3 (out of nappies) up to grade 7 at Cornerstone Kids, and we have Baby Bible class for parents to attend with their under 3’s after worship during the main service.

Sessions are the same as each site’s main meeting times. Each site has an allocated venue for Children’s Church.

No snacks needed, your children will all be offered Oros, water and a biscuit during the hour and a half they are with us. Occasionally we will have a mini “party” where you may provide your own child’s snack if food allergies are a concern.

All children are welcome. Whatever the concern, please inform the leader at registration who will then inform your child’s group leader.

We ask that all our parents or guardians stay on the premises throughout the main service. This is so that if there are any emergencies you can be contacted without delay.

We at Cornerstone Kids value each one of our children and their safety and security is our main priority. At registration, you will be asked to complete a registration form with all your details which will then go into our records. (Please keep these up to date.) Each child will be given a name tag with a corresponding parent number card. We ask that only a parent/guardian drop and collect each child, returning the parent card on collection of the child. No one will be permitted to take any child from us without their parent card.

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