Bible Detectives

Bible Detectives

Let’s investigate God’s Word together and instil a passion and revelation in our children that the Bible is God’s personal message to them.

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Lesson 1: Bible detectives get ready!
(1 Chronicles 16:8-25)

The Bible is God’s message to us so let us practice looking up verses and finding the action words our verse tells us to do. 

Lesson 2: Give thanks to the Lord
(1 Chronicles 16:8)

Jesus is our great example. He thanked God for His provision, for hearing Him and for saving His people. We too must say thank you to God for all He has given us, for always hearing us and for saving us from our sins.

Lesson 3: Tell the good news every day
(1 Chronicles 16:8)

What Jesus did for us on the cross is the best news ever. Using colours is an easy way to help others understand and remember the good news of salvation too. 

Lesson 4: Great is the Lord
(1 Chronicles 16:25)

When we read the Bible and spend time with God it is easy for us to see that He is our King, our creator, our shield and the one who loves us and hears our prayers. Knowing how great He is makes it easy to praise Him. 

Lesson 5: Sing praises to the Lord
(Psalm 98:4)

King Jehoshaphat had singers lead them to battle, David wrote songs and poems of praise and even nature sings songs of praise to God. God deserves our praise – will you sing to Him?

Lesson 6: Be proud of His Holy Name
(1 Corinthians 1:31)

David remembered to boast about the amazing things God had done and not his own accomplishments. We need to remember that our Salvation is because of what Jesus did for us not because of what we do for Him. 

Lesson 7: Always go to Him for help
(1 Chronicles 16:11)

Daniel fully relied on God for help and God was faithful, making him stronger than all the others and giving him favour with the guards. We can rely fully on God to help us too. 

Lesson 8: Remember His miracles|
(1 Chronicles 16:12)

A miracle is something that is only possible for God to do. God wants us to remember the amazing things that He has done and to know that nothing is impossible for Him.

Lesson 9: Remember His promises
(1 Chronicles 16:15)

God cannot tell a lie and always keeps His promises. The rainbow is a reminder of His faithfulness to His promises.

Lesson 10: All the people praised the Lord
(1 Chronicles 16:36)

It seems unfair when someone doesn’t get the praise that they deserve, and yet we do this so often to God. Let’s recap what we have learnt this term and remember to give God the glory He deserves.  


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